Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs

Slot machine test: Diamond dogs

You need not wonder what hides behind the title of this machine. With Diamond dogs dogs are actually have seen it on diamonds. These four-legged friends be satisfied not only with an old chewing bones, but really want to know it. This decadent fun was created by Net Entertainment. And who knows, maybe even a bone for you drops with all the wealth. In other words: Diamond dogs has quite odds ready, which you will make while not necessarily rich, but certainly is the one or the other Obolus there. In the world of the rich and beautiful dogs, there is everything there is in the human counterparts. Glamour is the order of the day, what is related also to one of the bonus features. Here you can take a picture of a dog as paparazzi and thus delete an extra profit. There is also a scatter and a wild, as well as the normal motives.

The CasinoEuro Casino one of the addresses, which is the slot game diamond dogs can try out. Actually you can here in addition to playing for real money play diamond dogs for free. It requires no registration. If you but saw off it on real money winnings, there finally to win no diamonds, you must first sign up before playing and make a deposit.

Play Diamond Dogs online now!

Diamond dogs online game

The slot machine diamond dogs offers everything a good slot must have. Also an interesting topic. The luxury life of dogs looks interesting, accordingly the symbols were created, which should lead you to the win. There are five reel, you will once again turn in each round. Thus, there is a new field in which hopefully line profits find themselves again. Income line means that a number of the same symbol has been formed. The longer this line, the better, there may be interruptions.

25 paylines are a good number with which you can start something. However, you must not play with all the lines. You are free, some of them to disable. The sense behind it would be only that you can save overall usage. It is useful then, if you on the other hand your line bets in Diamond dogs want to increase. So, no longer pay you at the end, can cross a but higher profits. However the paylines are also a kind of chance, as only winning lines can form.

Slot game symbols in the diamond dogs online slot

Rarely, the four-letter J were dogs until A so beautiful as in diamond, because here there are shiny dog tags. But they do not necessarily make the most profits. It will be better with the following icons, which include some items. About a Golden Bowl of tasty food. This is followed by a dog photographer who has seen it in the rich and beautiful, of course. The hydrant and the Kennel are also good. The bonus symbols are once the scatter, the game and the logo of the game, which the bonus game starts.

Slot machines instructions from diamond dogs

If you just want to walk with these decadent dogs, then can you directly to go basically. Just in the slots casino and play either for real money or for free. You have several options that you can use in each round. On the one side of the line, on the other your usage. A good mix you need, if you want to not too quickly use up your balances, but nevertheless good profits saw off it.

Conclusion with regard to the diamond dogs test

Dogs you can see not all days, in terms of theme so a plus for Diamond dogs. Of the symbols, it is a solid matter. It about is interesting the chance at a bonus game, since it at least as well as free games are. Much more can not expect from a slot game.